Our paper has been accepted to Sensors

Title: Noninvasive Glucose Monitoring with a Contact Lens and Smartphone. Authors: You-Rong Lin, Chin-Chi Hung, Hsien-Yi Chiu, Bo-Han Chang, Bor-Ran Li, Sheng-Jen Cheng, Jia-Wei Yang, Shien-Fong Lin and Guan-Yu Chen*. Sensors. 2018, 18(10), 3208; https://doi.org/10.3390/s18103208. Abstract Diabetes has become a chronic metabolic disorder, and the growing diabetes population makes medical care more important. We investigated using a portable and noninvasive contact lens as an ideal sensor for diabetes patients whose tear fluid contains glucose. The key feature is the reversible covalent interaction between boronic acid and glucose, which can provide a noninvasive glucose sensor for diabetes



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