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Previously, most of the diagnosis and treatment of cancer were designated for "standardized patients." However, viewing from the biology of cancer, invasive cancer genes often involve a series of complex and vigorous mutation thus leading to heterogeneity among patients. These show the importance and obligation to embrace the new era of “precision medicine” by judiciously integrating sophisticated computer-aided technology and system. This project aims at relieving three main obstacles of utmost importance in treating cancer: 1) Unsatisfactory disease diagnostic accuracy. 2) The relationship between precision medical and infrastructure is hitting an inexorable bottleneck.  3) Immature development of intelligence in healthcare. We are striving to implement a brand new strategy to improve cancer examination and further provide valuable predictive prognostic insights.

In this project, we aim at applying artificial intelligence into biomedical applications. At the heart of our work is computer assisted diagnosis, in which functionality uniquely benefited by our nano-bio interfaced liquid biopsy examination platform. By the effective implementation of neural network technology in analysis of blood, medical image interpretation, and other complex tasks, we are currently pathing a bright way to predict diseases prognosis and suggest precise medical treatments. Our enthusiastic, humble and diligence do prepare us beautifully to embrace multidisciplinary new challenges in the next era. 

Get Smart for Healthcare

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